The Center for Women is excited to launch the Playdate Series under the direction of our new Program Manager, Nadia Stieglitz. This series is an initiative to address the well-being of the women of Charleston by giving them the opportunity to explore their passions by participating in daring, fun, and creative activities within a supportive community.

During her career as a full-time creative director in New York City, Nadia founded Mice at Play. She was tired of the typical “girls night out” at the local cocktail bar and wanted to create an outlet for women to give themselves permission to have fun and step out of their comfort zones by learning something new. For more than 5 years, Mice at Play offered Playdates to help women connect with each other while collectively pushing each other to be creative, sporty, and artistic. These Playdates included learning to trapeze jump, cook Japanese food, master pole dancing choreography, style themselves in vintage clothing for a photoshoot, and navigate the streets of NYC on a scavenger hunt. Mice at Play was even featured in the New York Times!

Nadia recently moved to Charleston and has joined the Center for Women staff. She sees the importance of giving the busy women of Charleston opportunities to create exciting “me time” in order to manage the emotional and physical demands of life.

Research has shown that we are our true and happiest selves when we play. When we do not take time for recreation, we are more prone to depression. Play is not only therapeutic but a right! And women need to own their right to play.

So reconnect you with your playful self!