“Today, there is a huge moment to seize in on. A lot of women are recognizing their power and standing up for themselves and what is right…” -Shelley Young 

Written by: Michelle Nannarone

Our June Connect the Dots featured Shelley Young, executive director for Skirt magazine. It was a gloomy and humid day, and all the women who came to the event sat together in the Center for Women’s conference room munching on sandwiches from Panera Bread. There was a low buzz in the room as all the women introduced themselves and chatted with their neighbors. At 12:00pm, Shelley stood up and declared that she was going to talk while sitting down. The room erupted with chuckles as all the women eased back in their chairs a little. Once Shelley sat down, the atmosphere of the room shifted. It became a comfortable and easy space – like talking to a close friend or family member.  

Shelley Young’s creative journey has taken her many places with many different jobs. Shelley started out as a journalist for The Associated Press Atlanta reporting breaking news and sometimes the occasional sports game. After many years spent in Atlanta, Georgia, Shelley moved back to her hometown of Columbia, South Carolina and became a government reporter for The State newspaper. After getting married, her and her husband decided to move to Los Angeles, California. Once in LA, Shelley became a journalist for Fox Sports and the Hollywood Reporter. When Shelley and her husband started to have kids, they decided that LA was not a place to raise them – so they packed up their stuff and moved to a place that is close to their roots: Charleston, South Carolina. Shelley applied for executive director for Skirt magazine not knowing what she was getting herself into. When she started the job as executive director, Shelley realized this was her passion. Her passion was connecting and inspiring women while documenting the amazing and awesome things they do here in Charleston.  

Founding in 1994, Skirt’s mission continues to be, “all about women – their work, their play, families, creativity, style, health and wealth, bodies and souls…skirt! is an attitude – spirited, independent, outspoken, serious, playful and irreverent, sometimes controversial, always passionate.” Today, Shelley prides herself on sticking to Nikki Hardin’s (the founder of Skirt) mission, but with a little bit of a twist. Shelley states that Skirt, “strives to connect women, celebrate our successes, strengthen our passions, embrace our differences, develop a spirit of community, and most importantly, support each other and our life goals.”  

This June Connect the Dots was a little different at the Center for Women. This event provided women the opportunity to be confident in voicing their thoughts, opinions, criticism, and questions about Skirt magazine. Shelley was all ears when receiving this feedback and enjoyed every response and question she received. Shelley prided herself on the new changes Skirt magazine was adapting. After getting a new publisher and wanting to reach a broader audience, Skirt did just that in their recent June issue. Shelley is beyond excited to see where this new journey will take her and Skirt.  

At the Center for Women, we aim to provide women with the best advice and guidance towards their creative journeys in life. By sticking together and supporting other women, the Center for Women provides a positive atmosphere for women to unwind while becoming the best versions of themselves.  

If you are a writer or know someone who is a writer, Shelley is looking for contributing writers for Skirt magazine! To get more details, send an email over to Shelley at shelley.young@skirt.com or visit www.skirt.com/contribute to get the details on how to get started.