SheStrong is an ongoing program for high school students who seek to engage with their community and develop as leaders and changemakers. In the words of the student organizing council, the aim is to “equip young women with the tools to begin advocating for themselves.” The annual SheStrong summit features women in community leadership roles and provides opportunities for young women of diverse backgrounds to convene for skill-building, community service, and learning programs. Areas of focus include self-defense, women in politics, intersectional feminism, and more. In addition to the annual summit, the SheStrong council plans and hosts other small events for young women throughout the year.

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Upcoming Events
  • August 28 SheStrong Informational Meeting
  • September 15 Beach Sweep
  • October 06 SheStrong Summit
SheStrong Council

Chase Mauerhan, Wando High School
Courtenay White, Porter Gaud High School
Kaitlin Browne, Wando High School
Katie Krawcheck, Porter Gaud High School
Lilli Heinrich, Academic Magnet High School
Maya Green, Charleston County School of the Arts

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