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The 2018 SheStrong was a great success! Thank you to all of our amazing speakers, panelists and attendees for a fun and inspiring day devoted to empowering young women to confidently advocate for themselves and make a difference in their community. Throughout the day participants heard from from amazing women speakers, engaged in breakout session discussions, participated in creative activities, and built meaningful connections with other students in the Charleston area. Stay tuned for more great activities for Spring 2019!

9:30AM      Registration

10:00AM    Morning Speaker – LB Adams, Practical Dramatics

10:50AM    Breakout Rotation 1

11:45AM    Breakout Rotation 2

12:35PM    Lunch

1:15PM     Breakout Rotation 3

2:00 PM    Afternoon Get Moving Activity

3:00PM     Afternoon Speaker - Marjorie Spruill, Divided We Stand

4:00PM     Closing Art Project

Self-Care: Conquering Burnout

Whether you experience pressure to excel in your academics, extra-curricular activities, social lives, or at home, burnout is real. This panel will bring a variety of perspectives to ways that one can manage and overcome this stress.

Equipped Feminism

What does it mean to be a feminist today? Join us for an interactive and engaging dialogue that will impart tips on how to have constructive conversations around women’s rights and help you gain impactful knowledge and insight that can be shared broadly.

What Are My Truths?

Learning from and offering support to each other along our life journey is an important part of building a strong support network. During this insightful panel discussion, you will hear from a multigenerational group of women who will share lessons learned throughout various stages of life.

Thank you to our sponosors and event partners!

Event Partners

Charleston Balloon Company

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Emily Abedon

River B. Abedon

Caitlin Adelson

Sadie E. Allen

Jennifer Amram

Lynda & Steven Ballaban

Mrs Jaclyn S. Berlinsky

Marsha Browne

Sarah C. Browne

Tamara Browne

Keith Castelino

Danielle Comeaux

Jacqueline Cooney

Lisa Dabney

Hevenly Dacus

Cynthia Dennard

Kathleen Downey

Valerie Eisenstein

Ann Fuller

Susan Gardner

Laney Gibbes

Crystal Goldwire

Dwayne Green

Jewel Hampton

Jules & Cenobia Hampton

Jeff Heinrich

Joey Heinrich

Christopher Hunsicker

Scott St John

Savannah Johnson

Sharon Judenberg

Debby Kelly

Oliver Kendall

Sola Kim

Eric Krawcheck

Katie Krawcheck

Linda and Maurice Krawcheck

Angeline Krupa

Catherine LaCour

Katie Larson

Osayende Lessane

Lynn Liss

Robert Martino

Michael McCabe

Nancy McWhorter

Edward Nardi

Brenda Needle

Kim O’Quinn

Alexandra Pomponio

Marilyn Rashley

Jennifer Trocchio Rhorer

Virginia Samuelson

Mina Schaafsma

Laura Schaible

John Scherzinger

Nicholas Schiralli

Adam Shaffer

Corrie Silvers

Barb Smith

Thomas Sneeringer

Sydney Snyder

Mia Strange

Laura Streit

Elizabeth Stribling

Mandy Sullivan

Gillian Thomas

Jordan Thomas

Marianne Tschoe

Molly M. Weaver

David White

Mr. and Mrs. Guy H. White, III

Marshall White

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