Personal Empowerment


Connect the Dots:
Interested in networking and learning from other women in the community?
Connect the Dots is a monthly opportunity to explore new subjects and make valuable connections. This lunch and learn series features local speakers and covers a variety of topics related to personal growth, professional development, and community engagement with an emphasis on networking.
$25 (varies with membership), includes lunch.
Registration required.


Enlightened Conversations:
Overwhelmed by buzzwords? Tired of just skimming the surface?
Enlightened Conversations is an opportunity for us to share perspectives, learn new things, and challenge our own ideas about social and political questions with a gender focus. This series includes an annual signature event as well as smaller programs that convene prominent community members for in-depth discussions about issues facing women in the community.

Financial Literacy:
Our financial literacy workshops provide simple strategies for building wealth and maintaining financial independence. Formerly offered only in conjunction with other training, these sessions will soon be offered as standalone programs for anyone seeking to demystify personal finance. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date about program offerings.



SheStrong is an ongoing program for high school students who seek to engage with their community and develop as leaders and changemakers. In the words of the student organizing committee, the aim is to “equip young women with the tools to begin advocating for themselves.” The annual SheStrong summit features women in community leadership roles and provides opportunities for young women of diverse backgrounds to convene for skill-building, community service, and learning programs. Areas of focus include self-defense, women in politics, intersectional feminism, and more. In addition to the annual summit, the youth-led advisory committee plans and hosts other small events for young women throughout the year.
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Professional Development


Ready for Work:
Reentering the workforce? Navigating a career transition? Seeking something better?
Ready for Work is a free career-readiness course that teaches job search strategies, resume writing, interview skills, and other fundamentals for finding new or first-time employment. Participants work directly with career development experts to find their employment direction with a focus on confidence and personal values. Sessions meet twice a week for three weeks.
Registration required.


Pathway to the C-Suite:
As part of our emphasis on women’s leadership development, this training series will provide education and resources to women seeking to attain executive leadership roles or simply thrive where they already are. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date about program offerings.



Founder’s Lab:
Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? Ready to start a small business but don’t know where to begin?
Founder’s Lab is a quarterly workshop that provides fundamental resources and strategies for starting a small business in South Carolina. The session includes an outline of the entrepreneurship process followed by two speed coaching sessions with successful business owners to gain expertise in areas such as human resources, finance, marketing, and the basics of a business plan. Participants receive an official resource guide that includes contacts, helpful websites, and a breakdown of processes such as business licensing and time management.
$75 Registration required.


Business Coaching:
Business coaching is an opportunity to meet with an experienced business owner to build knowledge or gain resources in a particular area. These sessions are suitable for women at any stage of business who seek to learn and grow as entrepreneurs or have specific questions or challenges to discuss. Contact our office for coaching opportunities.

Education and Awareness


Status of Women Report:
“Charting the Course for Change: A Report on the Status of Women in South Carolina” examines key indicators of gender inequality in South Carolina and captures eye-opening data about women’s health, economic security, and leadership status in our state. The report was developed in 2015 as a tool to guide businesses and community organizations as we work toward a stronger and more equitable economy for all.
Click here to read the report.

As a follow-up to the 2015 Status Report, we will continue to compile statewide and local data to keep our community informed about the challenges and progress facing women in South Carolina. Keep an eye out for our first publication, and always keep the conversation going.

Annual Women’s Conference


A day of networking, learning and engaging with one another, the Annual Women’s Conference includes a keynote speaker and breakout sessions on topics that relate to our program areas. Visit our Conference Website for more information.