Policy Statement & Refunds

It is the policy of the C4W to be inclusive, to provide a safe environment in which women of any race or persuasion feel free to express their views, discuss their concerns and find answers to the questions their lives pose to them. It is with this in mind that the Board of Directors and Staff believe that the C4W should not issue policy statements endorsing any one particular political or social issue.

Such endorsements would in effect negate the purpose for which the C4W was founded: to provide any woman, regardless of race, political or religious affiliation, or sexual orientation, with services that will enable her to fulfill her greatest human potential in accordance with her own personal belief system.

As a result, it is the C4W’s policy to offer the broadest range of services possible in accordance only with sound fiscal practices.

The C4W does believe, however, that advocacy in the form of disseminating information on issues women face is also part of its mission and it is its policy to strive to ensure that the information the C4W provides is accurate and reflects the views, to the greatest extent possible, of the women it serves.

Refunds / Credits

Due to our commitment to speakers, materials and other participants, the following refund policy applies:

A full refund of your registration fee will be issued if we cancel a class or workshop. Funds may be forwarded to any subsequent class/workshop.

A full credit of your registration fee will be issued if you notify us by phone or email at least 3 business days before a workshop begins. Funds may be forwarded to any subsequent class/workshop.

No credits/refunds will be issued after a class or workshop has started, regardless of attendance.